Brief Introduction

Tavan Rahe Sanat (TRS) Manufacturing Company was founded in 1993 with the aim of manufacturing all types of Cam Switches.

Soon after, TRS Co. expanded its product range to Electrical contact rivets (solid and bimetal), electric terminals, various micro switches and compact selector switches for home appliances.

Recently TRS Co. has started manufacturing MV Switchgears including:

  • SF6 Gas insulated, Pole mounted, Load Break Switch & Sectionalizer for 12, 24, 36 KV
  • RTU for disconnectors
  • SF6 Gas Insulated, Ring Main Unit

Today TRS Co. has the annual capacity to manufacture:

2,000,000           pieces of     Cam operating Switches

1,500,000,000   pieces of     Electrical contact rivets

1,000,000          pieces of     Micro switches

4000                  units of        Various MV switchgears

TRS Co. is considered as the leading manufacturer and supplier to the domestic markets as well as some other countries mainly due to its high quality products that are distributed into the markets in high volumes.

Company Facilities and Info

  • Plant ground area: 5000 sqm
  • Roofed production area: 7000 sqm
  • Headquarters in Tehran: 470 sqm
  • Total number of employees: 200
  • The modern state of the art machinery
  • In-factory accredited standard laboratories
  • Export to more than 10 countries

Perfect Quality, Fast Delivery, Reasonable Prices