TRS Products

Electrical Contacts

  • Production of contact rivets in-house, with high precision and the highest standards
  • Having an in-house mold production dept. with special expertise in production of progressive matrix molds
  • Taking advantage of high speed CNC machines
  • Riveting operation via advanced riveting machines
  • Having access to the best quality raw materials
  • Our in-house coating dept. expert in various Cu/Zn/Ag coatings

LV Products

  • Short delivery time
  • Reasonable prices
  • Technical support
  • Ability to manufacture special and customized orders of all products based on customer requirements
  •  Production quality in accordance to International standards:
    EN60947, IEC9471, EN60529, IEC529, UUCSA

MV Products

  • ICMET Certified
  • Pole mounted LBS Disconnecting Switches and Sectionalizer Switches have great important rule in overhead medium voltage distribution lines in order to secure reliable electric energy supply to consumers and demanding centers.
  • The ability of switching of the line feeders facilitates rapid restoration of the distribution grids under loaded conditions and/or during dead time of reclosing shots in permanent faults of the distribution networks.
  • THO-12, THO-24 and THO-36 are SF6 gas insulated type pole mounted Disconnecting Switches with Sectionalizing capability of faulty sections in the medium voltage networks. The outstanding performance of these products insures reliability and availability in continuous electric energy supply.